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COP26. Is there any word from the Lord?

In the first two weeks of November, leaders from 197 nations will assemble in Glasgow to decide what to do about ‘climate change’. The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) will be the largest gathering of world leaders ever to take place on British soil. In addition to the

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Covid-19. A door of hope?

The article below was first published April 2020 in the Spring 2020 issue of Village Link, in the early days of  the Covid pandemic; its summarises many of the themes I have explored in greater depth in other articles. With the ‘second-wave’ of the pandemic well underway and as England

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Covid-19. Locked down, but not locked out?

  As I and many others have observed, Covid-19 lockdown has done what two world wars, the plague of 1665 and the Black Death failed to do, namely, locked us out of our church buildings. But churches have been quick to ‘reinvent themselves’. In a matter of weeks, church has

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Covid-19. Hidden agenda & conspiracy theories

Following comments in the article, ‘Covid-19. What are the ‘prophets’ saying?‘, here are some further reflections on ‘hidden agenda and conspiracy theories’. As I pointed out in that article, allegations, theories and ‘exposés’ of conspiracies are by no means an exclusively Christian phenomenon. But Christian commentators and ‘prophets’ are among

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Covid-19. What are the ‘prophets’ saying? [updated]

[This is a much updated version of the article published originally in April, so I am republishing it.] Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless he reveals his secret to his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). For who has stood in the counsel of the LORD, and has perceived and

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Covid-19. The Matrix Uploaded!

  We have all been uploaded to the Matrix! Given the enduring symbolic and didactic popularity of the Matrix, including among Christian thinkers and writers,[1]The Matrix incorporates and explores many religious and philosophical themes through its symbols, allusions and story line, and has been heavily analysed, deconstructed and reconstructed, especially …

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