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Eternal spring

February is usually the coldest month of the year. Yet, already gorse, snowdrops and coltsfoot, willow and hazel catkins, and the songs of thrush and blackbird, show that the earth is waking up and spring is coming soon. And, as the 19 C poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889) wrote, “nothing

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Gardening the heart. 3 – Outdoor church

The Sermon on the Mount, a perfect example of outdoor church, is a transformative example of how Jesus modelled interconnectedness with creation and mediates God’s truth and love through teaching, discipleship and healing, more often than not, outdoors. He freely moved between indoor and outdoor congregational gatherings and group meetings

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Hope for the earth. 3 – Picking grains on the Sabbath

Environmental activism and concern for the future of people and planet have grabbed the headlines many times over the last year or two. For the moment this has been totally eclipsed by Covid-19, although humanity’s abuse of the earth and wild animals seems to have played a major role in

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