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The community of the Church: Community – the outworking of love

When defending the validity of his ministry to the Corinthian church, Paul says that ‘the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power’ (1 Cor 4: 20).  Genuine love, which has been poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit (Rom 5: 5) and so does not come from our own resources, is a fruit of that kingdom and therefore is also not about words, although we do use words

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The community of the Church: Building a foundation

In these post-modern days where truth has become subjective, based on ‘what feels right for me’ rather than the application of logic or facts, people are hungering more and more for something that is truly genuine.  Whilst this is a great opportunity for the kingdom of God to be advanced, that hunger makes people much more discerning in their quest and able to spot imposters who claim to offer the genuine but whose own lives

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The community of the Church: Introduction

In order for the church to flourish it must adapt, not by trying to copy the trends of the society around it, but by re-emphasising certain aspects of its nature that have been lost in recent times, largely because of the demands of that society.  With huge pressures to devote more and more time to the workplace and massive opportunities to spend hard-earned money, the meeting of the saints can become just one more chore

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How many people are rural?

Any organisation with a remit for people and communities rural Britain needs to have at least some idea of what it means by ‘rural’ and how many people fall within its sphere of interest! Here is one take on this based on Government definitions. The proportion of the UK population living in rural areas is 17% (based on one recent source). This approximates to a rural population of 11 million, based on this proportion and

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The Church of (rural) England strikes back

“It cannot be denied that there are, at the very least, green shoots of recovery taking hold across the countryside in England, and beyond”. This is the conclusion of a recent article by Tim Wyatt in the Church Times on the state of the rural Anglicanism in England. The article is based on interviews with about twelve people, mostly, but not all, Anglican clergy. The author also makes much use of the 2015 report, Released

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