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Village Hope’s purpose is ‘to proclaim and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in the villages of Britain, in order to establish effective Christian witness, and to encourage and enable Bible teaching, prayer, worship and evangelism in village churches’.

We seek to achieve this purpose, especially, by informing, encouraging, supporting and resourcing individuals, groups and churches involved in Christian ministry and mission in rural Britain.

So, communication is central to our work and our websites (Village Hope, Hope for the Countryside & Village Hope Fellowship) are an important part of our communication strategy. This part of our main website, the ‘Village Hope Blog’ offers information, insights, news and comment that we hope will be of interest and helpful to all engaged in, or concerned for, rural mission and ministry.

Our contributors so far are Dr Peter Carruthers (Peter), Village Hope’s Executive Director, and Tim Prince (Tim), our Community Coordinator. We hope that others of the Village Hope team will add their contributions soon. And, in the longer term, we plan to open the blog to all who wish to take part and who register with us. Users will be able both to comment on articles and contribute articles themselves. Details as to how to join will be posted here.

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